Cushman Heating & Sheet Metal Services

Our service and repair department is long in experience, and strong in capability. We offer regular service of your HVAC equipment on a schedule, whether annually, biannually, quarterly, or just when ever you decide to call. A scheduled service contract locks you in at the current rate for as long as you decide to sign for, saving you money in the coming years, as cost go up. Our service contracts offer special benefits that can protect you from full rate repairs, if trouble occurs with your equipment, within your contractual time frame. Our experienced technicians can trouble shoot most every brand and model of furnace, heat pump, air conditioner, ductless system, radiant system, water heater, fireplace or what have you, new or old. We are fast, friendly, and competent, and our rates are competitive. Give us a call anytime, and we will get you taken care of.


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Our fabrication shop builds stainless steel, copper, and aluminum Architectural flashing of all types and profiles, for Roofers, Contractors, and home owners – We build Drip Edge, Rake Metal, Roof to Wall, Clear Story, Stone Ledge, Window Z , Deck Z, Fabricated corners, Sky light base, Step Shingles, Chimney base, Weather Hoods, Roof vents, Wall Caps, Chimney Caps, Chase Tops, Door pans, Louvers, -Whatever your need may be